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Hold shift while clicking the icon in the top-left corner of the player above to show full screen. You may need to click on the player above once before it will accept keyboard commands.

Scratch is a simplified computer language that solves the toughest problem with learning how to code. Because all of the statements are connected with mouse commands, not typing, it’s next to impossible to get something that just won’t work at all. The code still might not do what you want, but you never have to search through pages of code to find a missing semicolon whcih is keeping the program from compiling.

I’ve instututed a house rule that you can play any computer game that you wrote yourself, and Carmen and David have risen to the challenge. A collection of largely their work is here. I also got excited enough to see how far I could push the language, and this post has two of the results.

The first is a recreation of the Bouncing Babies video game from 1984. The goal is to move the trampline (use left and right arrows) to keep a baby from hitting the ground. The original showed a burning building at left where babies jumped out to be rescued. Click here to play

The second is a (simplified) implementation of Frogger. Arrows move the frog, as you try to avoid the cars. Click here to play

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