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Under Construction

January 14th, 2012 · 1 Comment

Just to be clear, our house is not deprived of certified kid-friendly building tools. Within various bins and boxes (and occasionally spread across the floor), Carmen and David have ready access to:

  • Magna Tiles
  • Kapla Blocks from a clearance sale at a grocery store, of all places, with enough blocks to make a railroad bridge
  • Five drawers of traditional wooden blocks
  • A couple variations of Erector sets and similar
  • Several vintage sets of Capsela, with a few trips to Radio Shack to fill in any missing electronic connectors
  • A few sets of Legos
  • And, in case that isn’t enough, plenty of cardboard, glue, and string

However, in the last couple of months, David (with occasional help from Carmen) has decided that something is missing. With this meager set of building supplies, how, for example, can you make a one-room house big enough for you and your sister to eat dinner in? And with that goal in mind, they’ve discovered the tool cabinet in the garage.

This is the second or third cycle of building in the last couple of months. The garage is a nice multipurpose space – part vehicle storage, part bike workshop, but it occasionally gets taken over for a week or so by some life-sized building toys. A few days ago, this construction started – not sure who’s idea it was, but the carpenter in this picture has some serious braids going on.

And then a day later, Matt came home from work and found this sitting where his car usually goes. The car spent that night outside. This is supposed to be a playground, with a canopy over a climbing structure, a long piece that can be the beginnings of a slide, and a see-saw (not shown) built beside it.

One of the carpenters finishing his work:

It sat like this for a couple of days. Then today, I did what I figured any parent would do in this situation. I took the kids to the lumberyard, bought an extra box of nails and a dozen 1×4’s ($1.67 each, about the cheapest building toy you can buy), and let the carpenters finish their work. I provided some help in measuring the boards for the walls (a measuring tape seems more difficult a tool to grasp than a hammer or saw) and nailed the two boards on top. Every other piece of wood cut, nail hammered, or concept developed was done without outside intervention. Carmen jumped in a bit later, taking charge of some of the construction, the drywall, the security notice, and (in the last picture) cleaning and furnishing the house. The shovel and watering can are the “shed” in the back of the house.

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  • 1 Grandma and Grandpa Reisdorf // Jan 17, 2012 at 8:57 pm

    Thanks for all of the pictures. Carmen and David are quite the architects. Tell Carmen if it’s still there when we come to visit, I’ll come sit in their house for a tea party – that is if I’d be allowed. After all it does say “Carmen and David Only”. Love, Grandma

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