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TAG Basic Bike Mechanics Class

September 11th, 2011 by Joyce

IMGP1749 IMGP1750 IMGP1751

A few pictures from the Transition Houston Transportation Action Group Basic Bike Mechanics class at Performance Bike.  We started with a bike fit and repair overview and then moved on to discussing (and fixing) problems on our own bikes.  It was fun to have the bike shop to ourselves after hours.  After the workshop several of us enjoyed the 10% discount.  I bought a little something to help me clean up the chains on our family steeds.  Cleaning up the chain is my least favorite maintenance step, but it needs to be done—the chains get mighty gunky, hurting performance and wearing down those cute little teeth on the bikes’ gears.  It’s a hassle to repair stuff like that, so it’s better just to keep the chain clean to begin with. 

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