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Wood Duck Farm Open House

May 28th, 2011 by Matt

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With the Mayor

May 20th, 2011 by Joyce · 2 Comments

Bike to Work Day, at Houston City Hall.  Transition Houston members with Annise Parker, Mayor of Houston:

Even though we’ve talked about it before, C&D have a hard time grasping the role of a mayor.  Mayor Parker happens to be a Rice alumna; that’s something C&D definitely understand, since they’re on campus at least once a week.  Now they also see that this particular mayor is friendly to even her youngest constituents, doesn’t mind pictures, and supports bike routes and trails in the city.

Bike to Work Day is national; Bike Houston organized the local event.  Early in the morning, riders assembled at bike shops throughout the city.  At eight, riders began converging at City Hall for fellowship and speeches. Our pace as we travelled toward downtown was brisk, though not fast.  Most of us barely broke a sweat despite the humidity and lack of breeze.  But Matt could not belie that fact that keeping pace while pulling well over 100 pounds of children + pony was hard work.  After the speeches he had cooled off a bit, and we rode back towards home for more pony bike adventures.

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The Pony Bike

May 18th, 2011 by Matt · 9 Comments

The pony bike project is done, at least for now. Additions to the stock Xtracycle components include:

  • Big Apples: Schwalbe tires for a cushy ride with great handling and durability.
  • Copper foot rests: a simple spot to place those patas.
  • BFL-2010 LED bicycle front light: easily as bright as a car headlight.
  • A liberal application of reflective tape and two large rear lights: for extra nighttime visibility.
  • Custom deck: Joyce drew out the pony head and rear on a piece of 2×12 Southern pine. Matt’s seat backs and handles allow extra stability at starts, stops, and over bumps.
  • Glass eyes, plus Wool-Ease mane and tail: make it a pony.
  • Lone Star on right rump: make it a Texan.
  • Bouquet of flowers on a fiberglass tusk whip flag pole: for visibility and charm.
  • Reflective/phosphorescent halter and reins: for visibility and because, well, every backseat cowgirl and cowboy need some.

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