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Nowhere, Nowhere

December 16th, 2010 by Joyce · 1 Comment

C&D have been enjoying hearing Christmas carols lately. Now I guess
after hearing different renditions of the same songs over and over,
they’ve been inspired to start singing their own versions over
breakfast. Right now they’re singing The First Noel, except it seems
they’ve got a few details to hammer out still. I can hear them
disagreeing over which one has the chorus correct:

Carmen’s version: No-where, No-where, No-where, Noooo-where, born is
the King of Nowhere!

David’s version: No-where, No-where, No-where, Noooo-where, born is
the King, the Queen is born!


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Big Day

December 14th, 2010 by Matt · 2 Comments

C&D woke up early this morning; they wanted to have a St. Lucia breakfast. I figured that since we had celebrated Martinmas last month with horseshoe-shaped cookies and a lantern walk, we could be fair and celebrate a female figure this month. And anyway, what’s not to like about a holiday that’s about candles and cookies?

C&D still have their cold so we weren’t (that is, I wasn’t) up to a big production, but making hats and waking up too early sufficed, even if we were a day late. Carmen wore her St. Lucia crown while making buttered toast; David stayed downstairs and pretended he was still sleeping. Then she brought him up and they enjoyed their first breakfast while I prepared a second breakfast of oats and coconut milk.

Late in the afternoon, I was downstairs when I suddenly heard Carmen running down the stairs. “Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!” Carmen sounded excited and just a tiny bit nervous. I met her in the hall. “Mommy! Mommy! I lost my tooth! It was in my apple!” She opened her hand and showed me her prize.

Ah! She hadn’t swallowed it! It’s more fun that way.

At our last dental visit the hygienist advised us Carmen would be loosing a tooth soon, but Carmen still seemed surprised that the tooth did actually come out. We sat at the chalkboard and we drew pictures of our baby teeth, and the buds of the adult teeth. We drew the baby tooth leaving to make room for the adult tooth. David looked at the picture and then at Carmen’s mouth, approvingly. He was a bit concerned that he didn’t lose his, also, but I assured him we’d be finding teeth left and right pretty soon.

So now they’re off in the Baby Jogger for a short ride with Matt, bundled up in case it gets cold once the sun goes down, wearing their hats (David is a proud Star Boy) and waving flashlights and feeling full of reasons to smile.

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Can’t sleep

December 12th, 2010 by Joyce

It’s technically Sunday, and I can’t sleep.

I just don’t feel like sleeping; I feel like running, jumping,
cleaning the house, or maybe cooking pancakes.

I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I had a productive day and that
left me jazzed; maybe it’s because I can hear a cold front blow
through and feel it as an ache in my bones; maybe it’s because someone
in a nearby apartment complex is playing loud music and sending the
irregular thump, thump, thump of the bass through the walls of my

In any case, it’s not all bad. I’m rocking in the glider we still
haven’t outgrown, listening to C&D sleep, thinking and tap-tap-typing
on the laptop. The light from the screen doesn’t seem to bother them.
When I finish this post I will be trying out Matt’s latest trick: he
set things up so that I could send my text-based posts to the blog via

He also made me a shortcut to post pictures to the blog, but I keep
forgetting what the shortcut is, exactly, and that makes the shortcut
a long one. I’ll remember, eventually.

So, anyway, here I am, rocking and listening thinking and typing.

I’m thinking, for one thing, of Carmen’s triplets. A few weeks ago
she held three small stuffed animals and a large white bunny. “Look!”
she announced, “The bunny laid triplets!”

The idea of twins is so ordinary for Carmen. Two babies at one time?
Eh, been there, done that. Wanna have some real fun, try triplets!

Carmen had the bunny feed her babies using the double football hold,
then the girly skipped off to the table for a snack before bed.

I forgot about the bunny’s children until this evening, right before
bed, when Matt and I were talking about our latest improvement
projects in the kitchen. Carmen walked up with three dolls, one in a
basket and two wrapped up in a large scarf tied like a sack. “I laid
triplets!” she announced, holding up the babies in her
less-than-conventional baby carriers. “I can’t put them down!” she
said, mimicking exasperation. “They are too little! They are only
zero [years old]–I laid them yesterday!”

Good mommy, she is.


They both have colds this weekend. David started with the cold first on
Tuesday evening, then Carmen came down with likely the same cold on
Friday. To improve our chances of staying well Matt and I have been
trying to not get sneezed or coughed, and have been washing, washing,
and washing our hands. (I want a HazMat outfit for Christmas.)

When David isn’t feeling well he is especially in need of a cuddle or
a touch. During his rougher nights, he climbs out of bed and into
ours, groping and searching until his hand, whispering over our bodies
and inside our shirts, finds our bellies. There he “plugs in,”
placing a finger in our belly buttons. This week, in part maybe
because he isn’t feeling very well, he’s several times walked over to
find my belly and rested his finger inside my navel. He put his head
against my abdomen and patted it gently, like you would a good friend.
“Mommmmmeeee,” he sometimes sighed, then walked off to find a Kleenex.

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