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October 27th, 2010 by Joyce · 2 Comments

Our Pentax takes beautiful pictures, but the files are large.  It is a slow process to download them off the camera and pick them up on LiveWriter, the program I use to edit my blog posts.  From LiveWriter I upload the pictures to our blog’s host server.  Because I am on “slow” DSL, it takes a virtual eternity to upload the pictures.  Many times the pictures don’t upload correctly, or at all, and Matt has to come in through the blog’s back door later and try to patch things up.

Once the pictures are more or less up on the site, I like to add some text.  Even if pictures are worth a thousand words, anybody who knows me also knows that at a thousand words, I’m just getting started.  And fast I ain’t, especially now.

So these days this blog really is a labor of love, emphasis on the labor bit.

That in itself wouldn’t be so tricky except that these days it’s not hard to turn my back to work at the computer and then later find that C&D have rearranged the living room furniture (yes, really), recreated the Brazos river on my balcony using landscaping sand and small plants from our patio (yes, really), or covered every inch of the upstairs floor in art supplies (yes, really).

But right now, C&D are asleep, and I figured as might as well stay up and write this blog post, because it’s about Jack, and with the pictures it’s pretty self-explanatory.  If I can get the pictures to upload (maybe I can do my prescribed eye exercises while I wait, and wait, and wait) I should be ready to hit the “Publish” button well before I find myself asleep in my cereal bowl.

So, we bought a big pumpkin at Randall’s this morning.

Planning stage:

IMGP6903IMGP6909 IMGP6910

Time to get the aprons and go outside to do the messy part.  I just noticed a driveway picture that Carmen says she drew last Wednesday, during Wood Duck Farm’s CSA pickup.   It’s a picture of someone throwing trash on a flower (the flower is at the bottom right), and Carmen drew a bubble from the person’s hand (at the right) that says “NO”.  You tell them, girlie.  IMGP6912Anyway, back to the pumpkin.  Time to get one of those little pumpkin saws:

IMGP6913IMGP6915 IMGP6925 Dark outside, even with the garage light.  Hurray for headlamps.

IMGP6933 IMGP6935 IMGP6937

The pumpkin didn’t readily give up his triangular nose.  IMGP6942

Here it is, aglow from a candle that we made at the George Ranch.IMGP6950 Carmen wanted a picture taken with the pumpkin.  “Sit closer to me!” she bossed instructed David as she got herself situated for the photo.  “What’s the pumpkin’s name?” I asked them as I prepared to take the picture.  “Jack!” Carmen quickly answered.  Jack it is, then.


After running for something like 45 minutes, the server timed out.  Time to go to bed, finally, and leave Matt to fix it in the morning.

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