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Front Page News

July 13th, 2010 by Joyce


Van Weldon has been sprucing up the website for Wood Duck Farm.  C&D are now on the front page; the image links to the fall CSA application


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Big Thicket Friends

July 11th, 2010 by Joyce

The Big Thicket Association held its July meeting at Village Creek State Park, in Lumberton.  We showed up in time to enjoy some music and get and give a round of hugs before sharing dinner at the park’s cabin and spending time with Jerry Rashall at the park’s nature center.music2music5

Above:  Shaun Davis, Director of the Southeast Texas Regional Planning Commission; former aide to the late Congressman and Big Thicket advocate Charles (Charlie) Wilson; longtime musician.


Shaun’s son, Hunter Davis.  Hunter and Shaun were performing at the park’s pavilion, which was comfortably cool despite the heat.  And, bonus!  It had a playground and swingset next door for C&D to explore once the music was done.


With Maxine Johnston and Ann Roberts, two of the original Alligator Snapping Turtles.  (Alligator snapping turtles are tough, long-living turtles of the southern United States.  They are not aggressive but can turn dangerous when provoked!)


In the cabin:  Maxine with park manager Jerry Rashall at the Village Creek State Park cabin.  Maxine brought plenty for dinner—she always knows how to take good care of us.jerry2 jerry3   The drive to East Texas was a little easier than it had been since the AVM burst.  It helps that the roads are for the most part open, and I’m familiar with them since traveling on them while obtaining my Master’s at Rice.  But I also take the easier trip as a sign that improvement since the AVM continues, if sometimes imperceptively slow.

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July 8th, 2010 by Joyce

What do you do on Wednesdays? 

IMG_2409We hang around and hand out vegetables.

Van Weldon from Wood Duck Farm started a CSA last year.  The farm is in Cleveland—about fifty miles north of town.   This is a little far to pick up some groceries so Joe, Van’s driver, delivers the weekly shares to various points around town.  Last year my local pickup point was in an office building, but this year so many people signed up that Van needed to find a larger space.

Like my garage.  In this picture on the left we have the full shares, on the right the partial, smaller, shares.  In the center we keep the signout sheet, and the cooler contains treats like cool salad greens.  Carmen and David are usually around, somewhere.  Carmen likes to make sure everybody puts a check by their name and remember their salad greens.  (If someone forgets to sign out, she tattles to me.)IMG_2412

The first week David was so excited to have so much company that he made a kid-sized centerpiece with his favorite shells and some flowers from the front yard. IMGP3373

It takes about three hours for everyone to pick up their shares, so C&D usually pass the time by drawing or painting on the driveway. IMG_2420

One day David drew some rockets, which inspired a customer to stop and draw some artwork of his own.


Another day David drew a picture of Sarah Hazel, who had come by for a visit.  In the picture Sarah is holding his hand.davidwithsarahhazelcamera9junedrawingdavidandsarah

After everyone picks up their shares we get to enjoy what we’ve been given that week.  With the contents of our shares we might cook (here, Carmen is cooking rosemary portabello mushrooms from a share in May, then eating them all up with David): IMG_2093 IMG_2098

play with our food (as an example, this is David playing telephone with a cucumber from David Cater of Utility Research Garden; David is another producer who is gracious to deliver to us on Saturday): IMG_2295 playing telephone with David Cater cucumber

slice and dehydrate (shown, yellow squash chips):IMGP3865

or just gobble it all up (like last week’s gigantic and sweet cantaloupe). IMGP3882   The summer CSA just has a couple of weeks left, then we all will rest during the hottest, hardest part of the summer.  The fall CSA should begin in late September; see you then.

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