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Raphael’s Angels

April 30th, 2010 by Joyce · 3 Comments

Detail in “The Sistine Madonna” by Raphael, 1513-1514.


David dressed as a cowboy on a cloudy afternoon, 2010.


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Playground Portraits

April 24th, 2010 by Matt · 1 Comment


IMGP0909IMGP0916 IMGP0785-whitebalancefixed IMGP0903 IMGP0940a IMGP0793 IMGP0758 IMGP0820 IMGP0815

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More George Ranch

April 23rd, 2010 by Joyce

IMGP0483 gator IMGP0403 IMGP0407 IMGP0444IMGP0479

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April 23rd, 2010 by Matt

IMGP0619 IMGP0647 IMGP0670 IMGP0715 IMGP0564 IMGP0578 IMGP0593 IMGP0598

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Playing (with a Pentax)

April 23rd, 2010 by Joyce

George Ranch, Saturday 17 April



(Larry made these chaps himself.) IMGP0410

Outdoor cooking class at the 1830’s Jones Stock FarmIMGP0423 IMGP0448IMGP0460 IMGP0464IMGP0472IMGP0476IMGP0481

Getting used to the camera, and multitasking picture-taking/mothering/talking/breathing.  First several pictures were on a crazy-high ISO; Matt had been playing the Thursday before and the camera retained the settings.  (N.B., always check the settings before shooting!)  Also need to understand how I can use the camera’s light metering quickly and to my advantage; the subject was too dark in some of the pictures.

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Happy almost birthday

April 15th, 2010 by Joyce · 2 Comments

Got an Amazon box today.  UPS guy kinda tossed it on my step and then when David picked it up he dropped it.

I peeled back the packing tape and opened the box.

It had a Pentax digital SLR inside.  Huh?  I looked at the shipping receipt.  To Matt, from Matt.  To Matt, from Matt?  Why would he . . . ?

Oops, I had just opened my birthday present.

“Well, you wanted to be surprised,” Matt said when he got home forty minutes later.  “And you were, weren’t you?”

Oh, yes. 

So we gobbled up dinner and ran out to the park to play.

IMGP0174 IMGP0197 IMGP0234IMGP0240 IMGP0287IMGP0349 IMGP0328 IMGP0342 IMGP0348 IMGP0345

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April 14th, 2010 by Joyce

C&D have a set of Danny and Sally dolls that I bought from REI before C&D were even born.  I loved their size and simplicity.

C&D have renamed Danny and Sally David and Carmen.  They have been busy having all kinds of adventures.  During the week Carmen (a.k.a. Sally) and David (a.k.a. Danny) generally fence in and care for their farm animals; lately they’ve gone swimming in the lake (a blue bucket on the balcony) and even ridden a boat (the rubber bands are seat belts to keep everyone in place).c_and_d_dollies_like_swimming_in_lake IMG_1750

When C&D aren’t planning adventures for their dollies they’re making music and dancing.  David can’t find his paper microphone, so he makes do with masking tape and a random piece of plastic tubing.IMG_1755

Recently C&D  upgraded to their larger bikes.  Carmen was initially reluctant to move from her pink kitty-cat Specialized to the larger Schwinn, but the Schwinn’s tassles won her over.IMG_1905

Now David is the one with a Specialized.  He loves going fast and applying the brakes (if he even bothers) at the very last moment. IMG_1941

We have been so happy with the Specialized kids’ bikes that we’re going to keep an eye out for a (used) Specialized for Carmen.  They’re much lighter and easier to handle than their 16” Trek (slightly heavier) and Schwinn (heavier than even my bike!).   Maybe for now we can at least get her on the Trek.

On the other hand, we might want to do what we can to keep C&D from going too rocket-fast.  Even at a full sprint Matt can hardly keep up.IMG_1952_racing_Daddy IMG_1954

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