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Bird’s nest and bunny’s burrow

March 21st, 2009 · No Comments

Contemplating many more mornings with a finger in my belly button and a foot at my face, and many more bedtimes that arrive far too quickly and between giggles and snuggles often take far too long to complete, Matt and I decided it was nearing the time to get the other twin bed and build the bunk bed.

We bought our twin bed at Ikea as part of a bunk bed set not long after the AVM, when we found ourselves suddenly scrambling for comfortable sleeping arrangements.  At the time we just needed one twin-sized bed, but perhaps in a nod to our modular dorm room furniture, we bought the set of matching beds, and figured we could always decide on the final arrangement of the beds–down, bunked, or lofted–later.

The bunk bed idea quickly built steam.  We decided that although children so small shouldn’t use the top bunk, a king-sized bed as a landing pad should allay any fears.  Then after dinner one night we drove to Ikea to buy a second twin mattress.  At the store Carmen and David examined at a model of their bunk bed and decided who would sleep where.  They were so excited, in fact, that they thought we should all sleep in bunk beds, set together head to foot like the sleeping quarters of an old naval warship.

We didn’t intend to assemble the bed until later, but a delay in the installation of our new air conditioner and furnace on Friday meant Matt suddenly had the time to disassemble the present beds, rotate them to another wall, assemble the bunk, and replace some of the Flor ripped up during Hurricane Ike.  At the end of the day we had a twin set of bunk beds and the king bed pressed against it.  David declared his bottom bunk the bunny’s burrow, or maybe the train’s sleeping barn.  Carmen declared her top bunk the bird’s nest, filled with blankets, Lucky the horse, and a big white bunny. 

At night everyone assumed their assigned positions. 

By the morning Carmen slept pressed against my side, and David and Matt squeezed inside the bunny’s burrow.

We slept well, anyhow.


At the playground: 

D:  How old are you?

Random Boy:  Six.

D:  Ooooooh!  That is a LOT of years!  I am four, but I have been four for a long time already. 

Carmen:  Do you know Lizabeth and ZuZu? 

Random Boy:  No.

Carmen:  ZuZu is little.  She is just two . . .

(Then the boy, perhaps leery of a tag team, skipped off to find his mother.)

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