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Seven Separate Somethings

March 3rd, 2009 · No Comments

1)  The suburbs can be scary:  Recently a couple of Cinco Ranch high school students wrote a satirical op-ed piece about students and families from other high schools using Cinco Ranch-area chain restaurants as hang-outs.  This past Friday the students from Cinco Ranch and the other area high schools apparently used Facebook to stage a protest Friday afternoon at a shopping center, driving around the parking lot and holding up signs.   The Montagues and Capulets held dueling bake sales at opposite ends of the parking lot.  Okay, I made that last bit up.

But little story, how many things art wrong with thee?  Let me count the ways:

A protest . . . from their vehicles . . . at a shopping center (of course, what else is there out there?) . . . in response to a high school op-ed piece . . . about hanging out at fast-food chain restaurants and stores (is SuperTarget really that cool?) . . . because certain people are apparently spending time and money outside of their subdivision.


2)  I am really tired of being so tired.  Today after sleeping 8 hours overnight and a nap this afternoon, I had to hide under the covers before I even made dinner.  I stayed there until dark.  Not the worst thing in the world, but I would like to be able to better keep up with the other three people in this house.  But, no, needing a nap isn’t the worst thing in the world.

3)  The days are getting longer.  Summer is coming.  Drat.  Already the sun feels too harsh, downright mean despite my sunglasses.  With the sun too bright, even sounds seem too loud, and the whole world too big.  It’s only March but I miss the dark, quiet of winter.  But summer is coming, and good things with it, too.  I do love those warm, breezy evenings at the beach, and my garden is finally getting a little more sun.  Time to think about planting something along the back row, maybe wild Texas tomatoes.  Just gotta keep my sunglasses handy. 

4)  I discovered that at Land’s End I can buy a pair of boot-cut jeans in my size and specify the inseam (32″ for a nice, low break).  Hurray and huzzah, long-awaited victory for the not-quite-Tall-and-not-quite-Regular sizes!  They were on sale for $20.  After receiving my order yesterday and trying the jeans on this morning, I ordered another pair.

5)  Fun news on the cycling front:  Lance Armstrong and Alberto Contador are on the same cycling team, and this spring they’ll be racing against each other before the TdF.  They are both medical miracles, impressive even before their yellow jerseys.  Of course, Armstrong won the TdF a lucky seven times after surviving a nasty cancer that had metastasized to his brain and lungs.  In 2004, Contador suffered a seizure while racing after feeling ill for a few days.  His doctors found a cavernoma in his brain, and operated quickly to excise it.  When Contador woke up from the surgery, he quoted the proverb also favored by my mother and her parents:  “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”*  Alberto Contador won the TdF in 2007

6)  C&D make me happy.  Even and sometimes especially the missy bits.  A little boy decided to roll his Silly Putty out flat with the rolling pin . . . on the carpet.  A “violin” is on a small wooden table.  The train track and David left a cow bell hanging on the cabinet door, hoping it would ring whenever I swung the door open.  He left his shoes in the kitchen, toes pointing out.  Yesterday he insisted that he had put them on correctly after putting them on toes pointing out.  We got out of the car, crossed the grocery parking lot and as we reached for our basket he shouted, “My shoes!  Backwards!”  A stuffed horse lays in my place in the bed, and I know tomorrow morning two little people are going to swim over and under the blankets to crowd into my spot with the horse and I.  Then after some squirming, and maybe a little giggling, we’ll sit up and call the work of sleep done.

7)  It’s much past bedtime and I’m tired enough that the words are smearing together on my screen.  I could have done this post earlier but I was busy lying in bed with a pillow over my head, now I’m up too late trying to do the things I should have done then.  (Does that sentence make sense?  Unfortunately, it’s too late to fix it.)  The night is quiet, save for the traffic and the noises inside the house, like the fridge and the tick-tock of the clock that C&D set and re-set whenever they fancy (it’s 2:23, says the clock).  I’m glad to have had some bit of peace, to be the more ready for sweet dreams.

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