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Ready to sing

January 3rd, 2009 by Joyce · 1 Comment


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Until then, we’ll be busy

January 2nd, 2009 by Joyce · 1 Comment

C&D were eating a second lunch (what Mama has to do when you were too silly to finish eating lunch #1, and then realize naptime is imminent and you might have to go to without eating for a whole couple hours).  As is her style, Carmen suddenly made an announcement.  I immediately opened my e-mail client and began typing.

to:  Matt
date:  Mon, Dec 29, 2008 at 1:33 PM
subject:  Carmen wants

Carmen wants me to make her a horsey costume with a zipper in the back.  I asked her where she had seen such a thing and she said she dreamed it.

With a horsey head.

and it should say “neigh” without her saying it, because she learned at the Arbooretum that mascots shouldn’t talk,  It should have a button on it and when she presses it the horse will say “neigh”

She wants me to dictate now
“Carmen will press the button to make the horse say neigh”

At the Arbooretum C&D saw someone wearing a furry owl costume.  They were afraid of the owl, partly because they couldn’t see the person sweating inside, and partly because the person-as-owl remained silent as he (she?) extended his (her?) hand in greeting.  I recall being a similar age and having the same misgivings about the Easter Bunny at the mall, and remembered my mother’s response.  “They’re not talking,” I explained with a smile to C&D, “because owls don’t talk!”  Then I pretended to laugh, like, “oh, that’s so silly!”  Of course, the owl mascot was in character!   

Parents become proficient at the so-silly laugh.  Not like a five foot tall owl covered in fur isn’t silly, but, I know the drill. 

They were still eating when I received a response.

from:  Matt
date:  Mon, Dec 29, 2008 at 1:54 PM
subject:  Re: Carmen wants

Can’t wait until David can make his own things with the Imagination Toys, and Carmen can make her own horsey costume.

Until then, we’ll be busy.

Oh, the Imagination Toys.  That’s what we call the two sets of Bygga construction pieces that we bought at Ikea.  I don’t know what the designers of that toy expected children would do with it, but I’ll tell you what David does with it:  he places a request, sometimes with drawn plans, and then expects Matt to build it.  Matt’s built lawn mowers, Weed Eaters, and tractors of every kind.  Recently David requested Matt build a train with side rods, and a bell that would ring when pulled by a string.   Matt couldn’t fulfill the request for the bell, but only because he didn’t know about my secret stash for just such a project.

But now David has realized the powers of the laminator.  Not only is it handy for three-part cards and other whatnots, it’s great for when your sister tears your headset microphone (made out of a paper plate and masking tape, and a waxed hemp cord for the wire) and you want Mama to make another one, but, one that doesn’t tear.  And boy, coated with two layers of 3 mil plastic who-knows-what, heat-sealed to an old piece of heavy watercolor paper, the new microphone is just plain dandy!  David was so thoughtful to request that I make one for Carmen, as well, and then promptly lost it.

Durability, the laminator can do something about, but your memory, no. 

(C&D had no interest in microphones until they noticed that the Celtic Woman singers, known comfortably to C&D as “the singing girls,” wore a little wire under their hair and along their jaw, with a thinner wire tucking into the back of their dresses.  Oooh, C&D thought, must have.  Now with their own mics hooked over their ears and secured with a barrette, C&D dance and sang.  They eat dinner with them.  And they even wore their microphones during our social visit to the police station.  The paper microphone is the must-have accessory for Holiday 2008.)


Carmen started sounding out consonant-vowel-consonant words last night, right before dinner.  David and Matt drifted off to make something complicated with the wooden blocks and train tracks.  Using the sandpaper letters that I made and should have just bought because they took forever to draw and cut, little girl smiled and sounded out hat, hot, pot, pat, tap.  The last word she sounded out letter by letter and then quickly turned around.  “Daddy?!?” 

The last word was mat.


Happy New Year.

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