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Time to upgrade #2

November 21st, 2008 by Joyce

Carmen, after dinner yesterday:

“I want a REAL pony.  Because I grew, like this,” she held her hands up as if to mark her height in the air, “and the little pony is too little and I have to sit like this,” and then she squatted a bit to demonstrate.  “And,” she continued, in an effort to further prove her need for a REAL pony,”the babies at the consignment store need my pony.  So, I need ANOTHER one.”

“Oh,” Matt observed, “she’s learning how philanthropy works.”  Next she’ll be asking the consignment store for a receipt for her taxes.

In a weak attempt to dissuade her from wanting a small ungulate as a pet, Matt asked her, “Where will he go poo-poo?”  Living in a neighborhood with a large pet dog population, the poo question was one Carmen should have well understood.  “Oh, you know,” she answered, “wherever he wants.”

“What will you do when the pony goes poo-poo on your bed?”

“Well, he’s going to go poo-poo out there,” she answered, pointing toward my garden of natives and then sweeping her finger to our neighbors’ yard.  “And he’ll just go poop, ploop, poop, in the grass and it’ll be okay.”


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Time to upgrade

November 13th, 2008 by Joyce

Carmen, while walking through Hermann Park:   “Mommy, you can take my pony to the consignment store.  I am ready for a real pony; I am getting bigger!”

When today at dinner I told Matt about her declaration, he responded that Carmen is definitely my girl.

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Mama and cubs

November 12th, 2008 by Joyce · 1 Comment


(Big Thicket Day, 11 oct 2008; picture taken by our queen bee, Maxine Johnston.)

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Hike with Sticks

November 9th, 2008 by Joyce

Last Sunday, after I lazed around all morning while Matt took C&D out, somewhere:

Me:  David, where did you go?

David:  On a hike with sticks.

Me:  Great!  Did you go to the Arboretum?

David:  No.

Me:  Oh.  Did you go the park with lakes and alligators

David:  NO.  We went to the hike with STICKS.

Me:  Okay.  What else did you see?

David:  Just STICKS!

Despite the ponds full of birds, fish, and alligators at Sheldon Lake; despite the blooming native garden there; despite the long drive to the edge of the city, the only things that mattered to David that day during his mile-long hike that morning were the small branches  he could use as walking sticks.

It’s only right, then, that the National Toy Hall of Fame this week inducted the stick.

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