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April 20th, 2008 by Joyce · 2 Comments

Today is my birthday, did you know?  It’s also my parents’ wedding anniversary.  I’m not in the mood for cake, and C&D are still not back to their usual selves, so I’ve declared April 20th, 2008 postponed until further notice.  Harmph.

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April 20th, 2008 by Joyce

Around the House

Ladybug, ladybug:


David with "doctor hair" (smoothed straight with water):


and Carmen’s version:


Three Playgrounds in Three Days

Because we could.  And because Joyce felt too fried to do anything other than sit somewhere quiet and watch. 

Friday night we drove to a large park and played in the dark while Matt jogged circles around us.  Saturday, another park, this one for dinner.  Some of the following pictures were taken in B&W mode, which allows for faster shooting.

Enjoying the moon:


the baseball sand



and the open space.





The next day, more of the same in the early morning at another playground.  We weren’t alone, but almost.






And Then

Three playgrounds in three days.  At the end of the third day, David was sick with something ugly; "stomach flu" is too nice a word.  Carmen and I caught it next, and we all spent the rest of the week huddling and clutching our bellies.  Netflix kept us distracted, as did the usual neighborhood goings-on until we felt too miserable to notice any more.

Neighborhood Goings-On

Monday my block was dotted by police cars most of the morning, unusual.  More unusual was the woman who parked in front of our house while visiting a friend down the street.  I think those are pedicabs in her trailer.  She looked just like someone at the apartments she visited; is she our neighbor’s mother?  Even her dog looked like the apartment neighbor’s bed, and the woman yelled at her dog just like the apartment neighbor, too. 


Long night




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After the door hit David

April 8th, 2008 by Joyce · 1 Comment

and Dr. Hogan glued it up:


For his troubles, the doctor gave him a lollipop, which David appreciated and which made Carmen jealous.  To fix the situation we visited Candylicious and got C&D each a Tootsie Pop, like a do-over.




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April 4th, 2008 by Joyce · 1 Comment

Resting is a lonely thing to do.  Tried to stay upstairs with C&D and Matt, but my awareness of all my body parts started blinking in and out, like the chandelier with that one wonkly light bulb that flickers on and off at random.

Too tired to use computer, too, but maybe later.  No, they’re not doing anything especially fun upstairs, but resting down here, did I tell you?  It’s lonely.

Set the time stamp on this post to be:  Too late to take a nap, but too early to go to bed.


Later:  I guess it wasn’t too late to take a nap, after all.

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April 3rd, 2008 by Joyce

April 2008 034

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