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Yay, yay.

February 25th, 2008 by Joyce

I found out one of our favorite parks has four sets of electrical outlets, and they actually work. No wi-fi, but I’m more than happy. 

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New Neighbors

February 24th, 2008 by Joyce · 2 Comments

Several months ago, the lot across the street was cleared for six concrete pads.  In the winter, a group of men poured a driveway, sidewalks, and steps.  Then all the concrete just sat for a bit.  Just after all the neighborhood children began to assume the driveways was perfectly for their tricycles and soccer balls, a crew arrived one early morning and began framing six houses, all at once.

Slowly, our sunrises, once gently filtered by a tiny forest of large oaks, has now become filtered by a forest of 2×4’s now four stories tall.

Feb 2008 190

Once the walls come up, we won’t be able to see the sun come up at all.

Feb 2008 196

Yet there is something very funny happening here.  This is our house from their second story, the living/dining/kitchen (a bit higher than ours):

Feb 2008 199

This is from the third story, their master suite.

Feb 2008 203

Cute living room, they’ll say, but I see a futon, are you grad students?

Feb 2008 204

From the fourth story, my house is tiny; from the from the fifth story (with deck!) our house will be smaller, still.

Feb 2008 222

I think I need to finally order some window coverings, or perhaps audition for The Truman Show.

Feb 2008 225

Easy to see that somebody didn’t clear the table.  What a shame, it’s a great spot for product placements, don’t you think?

Feb 2008 226

Kirby construction peeks over the trees:

Feb 2008 231

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"Catch the Cows"

February 6th, 2008 by Joyce

After watching this over the weekend at the Ranch:

Feb 2008 053

(actually, we didn’t realize she was paying attention because she was doing more of this with David:)

Feb 2008 045

this morning Carmen woke up, found a shoelace, and announced she was going to catch some cows, because they needed to go back to the barn.

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