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9mm Knitting Needles

December 21st, 2007 · No Comments

I’m tired.  Too tired to play with C&D, too tired to blog, too tired even to watch TV on mute.

Not quite ready to fall asleep, earlier this evening I pulled out my new knitting needles and yarn.  Halfway through the evening’s second knit row, Carmen found me in the bed and began stroking the yarn.  "Mommy is making Carmen a square," she marveled, rubbing the rustic wooliness of the yarn and fingering the texture of the stitches.

"I’m just practicing," I told her.  If I thought she’s understand it, I would have also told her I didn’t know how to bind off yet, and that I’d probably be knitting rows until the yarn ran out.

I finished the row and Carmen snatched a knitting needle and began poking it through my almost-a-square.  "I’m showing Mommy knitting," she told Matt and David as they walked in.

"That’s IT!" he said, pointing at the bamboo needle as Carmen handed it back over.  "Whatever that is, that’s what they had in your head at the hospital!  It tapered like that, and it was pointy!"

Only nine rows into my new knitting hobby, I’m trying to figure if that was helpful information or not.

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