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Little Circle (a babywearing post)

December 4th, 2007 · No Comments

When C&D were little, they needed to be held and snuggled all day (and night) long. So we wrapped them up against our chests and wore them as we puttered around the house, took walks, and shopped.


After a while, we eventually had to eat, or do what you eventually have to do after you eat: use the toilet. I was so proud to see Carmen yesterday not only wearing her “star bear,” but, without any prompting, insisting on wearing the bear when she needed a potty break. Later she needed to eat lunch, so she covered her baby with an apron.



I marveled at seeing her do things for the bear that I did for her two years ago. Still a baby herself, she already holds the seed of that urge to hold her baby close just like I did her, smelling her hair, feeling her body against mine, both soft and relaxed. She already knows that as a nurturer she needs the baby against her chest just the baby needs her. She is only two, and I can imagine a circle of love.

Later we drove to the Galleria to eat and then walk around, gawking at the displays and waving at the Santa (who wore a real beard and suspenders!).

Eating dinner at Shanghai Joe’s in the Galleria (they’ve seen C&D grow up!), Carmen ate facing to the side, with a napkin over Bear’s face, just in case. Carmen, little girl, I did that, too.


P.S. Carmen and David, when you have babies of your own and decide to wear them while eating, avoid foods with small seeds. A sesame seed fell in David’s ear once and I was afraid it wouldn’t come out. (It slid right out, but I still considered myself lucky, anyway. What would the pediatrician think?!)

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