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Shoo, Fly

October 5th, 2007 · No Comments

Fiona has been around the past couple of weeks so I can at least get started with the Challenge Program at TIRR. The staff promises to fix all my problems, so we have high hopes.

C&D have enjoyed having Fiona around. In fact, they’re having so much fun they’re asking me when next I leave. It’s not difficult to hear “Mommy, be right back!” or “Mommy, go to the doctor!” when she comes up the stairs.

Fiona brings positive energy to the house, and talks faster than my verbal stumbling.  That’s good, because  C&D seem to be finding ol’ Mommy a bore.  They do what they can as fast as they can, leaving me looking for scattered words and the contents of upturned baskets.

I realized this week it’s not just my toddlers that don’t listen to me. It’s even the cat. During a quick chat with Dennis and Lisa across the street late one recent night, I watched Toby walk to the center of the intersection and, tail twitching, lie there, his whiskers pointed forward. Cars driving through the intersection swerved around him, and he barely blinked an eye.  I called him casually, and then more loudly, but he stayed smack-dab in the middle of the street until he followed me back inside.

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