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Family Picture Day

March 25th, 2006 by Joyce

Today, a trip to the Galleria. Since Matt’s mom needed a family portrait for a project, we made an appointment at Picture People (I had another coupon for a free 8×10, of course). David wasn’t particularly enthusiastic about having his picture taken. Maybe he thought the photographer was going to poke him in the eye, just like Dr. Mazow. Thankfully, she was fast and did not make strange baby noises to try to get C&D to smile. After no more than 10 minutes of pictures, C&D declared us all done with picture-taking. Carmen wanted to run, and David wanted to sniffle his tears and run, too.

While we were waiting for the pictures to load onto the computers, C&D walked through the store and right out the door, staring at children and talking to strangers. When we finally selected our picture and received the printout, we decided to let C&D continue exploring. After walking and weaving amongst the shoppers, they pushed the empty stroller around and around in large circles (we braved the crowds and brought the stroller because I met Matt and the babies at the Galleria after a haircut).

And we discovered the Easter Bunny. The Easter Bunny was standing outside his Easter garden, carrying a basket and handing out Laffy Taffy. Carmen saw him first. She walked toward him, quickly, eyes wide. Here, she said, is a kindred spirit! He likes to hop, too! The bunny knelt down and held out his hand. David, busy picking geraniums, suddenly noticed the bunny, too. Carmen touched his fur, and then jerked her hand back. David did, too. They spent a long time staring at the bunny, and the bunny stared back, occassionally waving or blowing a kiss. Twice C&D started to cry, but then stopped to stare again, trying to make head or cottontail of what exactly they were looking at. After a few minutes I thanked the bunny and we walked back to the stroller, but Carmen turned around and walked back. The Easter Bunny brought her a purple stuffed bunny to look at, and she buried her face in my chest. A group of
rowdy boys mobbed the Easter Bunny for the contents of his basket, and I moved the babies on to the space in front of Nordstrom’s. I wonder if C&D will have Easter Bunny dreams tonight, or if they will dream of walking through the mall. They might imagine how much fun it will be to finally reach the escalator, and finally lick the water in the fountain in front of Foley’s.

Now after meeting the Easter Bunny, C&D really should have an egg hunt this year. Some cascarones would work, although we would need to make sure C&D differentiate between the confetti eggs and hardboiled Easter eggs (remember the time Christopher tried to pop a hardboiled egg on my head? I still remember how much that hurt!).

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We should have registered for . . .

March 23rd, 2006 by Joyce

At our baby shower, we should have registered for home appliances, not onesies and strollers.

We already replaced washing machine (I am certain that the chore of cloth diapers broke the other one). Tonight we will buy a new dishwasher. We will choose the toughest, meanest one at the store. Carmen proof-ness will be a plus (she didn’t break our current dishwasher, but that doesn’t mean she couldn’t, does it?).

David had his tear ducts probed today. He is no longer very fond of Dr. Mazow. He wailed and complained, even though Dr. Mazow’s nurse gave both him and Carmen whistles, and let them walk in circles and circles all over the empty waiting room while we waited for the doctor to prepare. After the procedure we walked around the nearby Whole Foods for a little while, and David forgot about the morning’s trauma. There is a slight chance that the ducts may close again, especially on the left side, but David hopes they stay open.

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Two reasons for foam flooring: C&D

March 21st, 2006 by Joyce

David took one and half hours at lunch today. He was busy enjoying taking little bites with his spoon. When he ran out of his turkey and tomato sauce, he ate some plain tomato sauce, and when I realized he had no intention of stopping, I brought out some applesauce (saucey things are better eaten with spoons!).

While he was eating, Carmen was learning to use the new shape sorter as a stepping stool to look out the window and onto the porch. “Hi!” she would sometimes say when she stood up on the box and looked around.

Of course, David learned her trick.

Think the house would look okay with foam flooring?

In other news, Carmen climbed into the dishwasher today while Matt was loading it. Actually, she just climbed onto the door and started crawling toward the racks. We figured she was top rack only, anyway.

And David learned how to dump bathwater onto the bathroom floor using a bowl (he is putting his water table skills to use!). Matt says that over the weekend, when Carmen saw David removing water from the water table with a plastic bowl, she tried doing the same, but couldn’t make the process work. Frustrated, she tried stealing David’s bowl, thinking his had some kind of magical powers that hers did not. When she discovers that she, too, can take water from the bathtub and spill it onto the floor, we might take all of our baths (and not just some) in the swimming pool on the porch. I don’t like to mop that much.

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And then he used the spoon to feed me!

March 21st, 2006 by Joyce

Sweet boy!

The interesting thing (to me, anyway) is that he figured out how to use a spoon despite the fact I’m always eating with my fingers (and letting them feed themselves the same way). Hmm. Time to start behaving myself.

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David Is Eating Lunch . . .

March 21st, 2006 by Joyce

. . . and he just figured out, all by himself, how to eat with a spoon. He figured out how to use a fork last week by stabbing everything on his tray, but spoons are so much harder because you have to hold them just so or your yummy turkey spills out. Wow. Smart kiddo.

Back to parenting . . .

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We should have bought more rubber mulch.

March 18th, 2006 by Joyce

Today we went to the Galleria to look at watches and, like the bear who went over the mountain, also just to see what we could see. We first visited our secret third-floor hiding spot and let the babies hang onto the balcony rails and stair at the people shopping below. Carmen passed her foot between the rails and shook it. Rattled at the thought of Carmen squeezing between the rails and falling onto the floor below, we decided to march over to the Fossil store. Carmen protested but quickly forgot her problems when we walked into the shiny watch store. We couldn’t find what we wanted, so decided to see what watches we might find at Foley’s. By this point, Carmen was bored, bored, bored.

In just minutes, Carmen found herself happily staggering among the clothes in the Juniors’ department on the first floor of the store–alone. She refused to hold Matt’s hand. In wonder at her sudden determination to go somewhere, Matt hovered over her as she scrambled out into the mall and toddled toward an escalator (of course). We swooped her up and let her complain all the way back to car (where, again, she forgot all her problems).

Then this evening, Matt and I turned around and found Carmen up on the futon, and preparing to do her most favorite thing–jump on it. We struggled to make those serious, parent-ly faces that you’re supposed to make when you tell a toddler not to do those things that are naughty or dangerous. “Oh, no, no, no, Carmen,” snicker, snicker, “the couch is not for jumping.” Snicker, snicker.

Then Matt realized today while brushing his teeth that the side of the bathtub is about the same height as the futon. In fact, it is a wee bit lower. How long until she figures that out and falls in?

We should have bought more rubber mulch.

What did David do today? Oh, not much, except show us that he is the yummiest little boy ever. At lunch he ate what looked like 1/2 of a turkey thigh, and smeared the gravy all over his little round face. Then at dinner we took turns eating an apple (he took a bite, then he gave it to me to take a bite, then took it back to take another bite . . .). Now he smells a little like Thanksgiving. Must do another bath, but tomorrow. No bath tonight.

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Too Much Excitement

March 17th, 2006 by Joyce

Carmen went to bed excited last night. Even as I rocked her, she fought me in her sleep, rolling onto her back in my arms and slowly, softly, kicking her feet, as if walking in her dreams. I finally put her down for the night at midnight, and at four in the morning rocked her again until dawn.


Just before bed last night, she and David decided that they would walk about the house, up and down the hall, in rooms, out of rooms, into each other, around each other, toward each other, away from each other.

They couldn’t walk far without getting excited and losing their balance, but as soon as they fell down they stood back up, ready to try again.

We knew this was coming. David has been taking steps here and there, and Carmen has been making figure 8’s around and between my legs all week (do you know how hard it is to do chores with a baby pulling on your legs all day?). But before bed? Why then, of all times, to walk so much?

She is just like you, Matt says, as Carmen hops up and down in his lap in the dark living room while I am feeding David his last milk of the day. She keeps squirming, laughing and giggling and maybe thinking about all the places she might try to walk next. “Now you know,” he says, “what I had to put up with for five years.”

I do go to sleep. Eventually.

Tonight Carmen made more figure 8’s, blowing raspberries and moving faster and faster, around my legs, through me legs, around, through. As I stood immobilized and wondering if I could wobble with my orbiting satellite over to the kitchen for a drink of water, I couldn’t help but feel surprise every time I watched David stand up and walk from one toy to the next. How funny to see my little people walking, all on their own!

Last night was also exciting because the UPS truck stopped at our house and brought a box of two new toys. The first was a shape sorter from Tag Toys. The sorter comes with several discs which can make the sorter progressively difficult (from just a circle, just a square, or just a triangle to two shapes, or three). We started with the easiest disc, the circle, and then watched C&D use it. We laughed at the difference in reactions between the two babies: Carmen was very happy to congratulate herself, and then move on to something else

while David enjoyed the suspense of waiting for the clunk of the block falling down and then rolling out.

The second toy was a set of three very simple puzzles. David mastered the circular puzzle this morning (he got very fast at his ring stacker this week, too). Carmen, however, could care less about such things; she would rather practice her figure 8’s or climb on Mount Parent.

Well, I am going to throw in the white flag and let myself go to bed. There’s been too much excitement this week, and I’m tired!

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