Chicken Animation

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Hurricane Harvey

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Some notes on the night of August 26, the first major rains of Hurricane Harvey.

For much of the night, I was not just looking out the window but also looking at the views below.  I have a couple of surveillance cameras outside, and when it was raining hard they had a better view of things than I could have through a window.  The cameras also stay in one place, making it easier to see if things are getting better or getting worse – I could pull up a previous view and compare.  Below is the view at 7:18 PM, before the sun set and before the rains started.  Note that the timestamp in the top left corner is not accurate in time or in date.

The next picture is at 7:53, after sunset and before the rains really started.  The camera switches to an infrared view, which does a better job of seeing in the dark but shows everything in black and white.  There is a light shining on the backside (right side) of the plant in the center of the video.

And then a few minutes later the sun has fully set, a bit of rain has started, but still nothing scary.  This is 8:05

8:22 PM

We now have a nice thunderstorm, with lightning in the video.  See that strip of grass between the sidewalk and the street?  Keep an eye on it as the post moves down.


8:45 PM

A little over an inch of rain has fallen so far; a pretty healthy storm over the hour or so it has been in effect.  But now the real fun begins.  The rainfall rate rises to 6 inches per hour, and it will stay there for the next half hour.

8:58 PM (13 minutes after 8:45)

The little strip of grass near the sidewalk becomes less well defined.  That would be water starting to cover it.


9:03 PM (18 minutes after 8:45)

Sidewalk now covered.  Rain rate still at close to 6 inches per hour.


9:10 PM (25 minutes after 8:45)

I have a 1600 gallon rain tank.  It’s huge.  This has now been more than enough rain to fill it twice in the last 25 minutes.  The street is now totally covered, and the first foot or so of the lawn is as well.


9:13 PM (28 minutes after 8:45)


9:19 PM (34 minutes after 8:45)

Rainfall rate still at about 5 inches per hour.


9:27 PM (42 minutes after 8:45)

Tough to tell where the river has an edge.  Rate has now let up a bit.


Aftermath (9:41).  Nice reflection of the house across the street in the now fairly still water as the rain has largely stopped.


Rainfall rates from my local weather station:

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Scratch: Can You Be a Cat?

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Hit space to start. Up arrow jumps up to get the cat food – or to avoid the cat poison!

Click here to play

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